Reflecting on our performance against the 2022/2023 Scorecard and how we added value

When we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, we celebrate them whilst recognising that the last 12 months were marked by significant challenges. We diligently monitored our internal and external landscape, responded with agility, adapted our work processes, and made strategic adjustments to our business model. All the while, we remained steadfast in ensuring a consistent supply of blood products to meet demand.

Guided by our overall iHEALTh strategy, we identified a number of strategic projects to further strengthen our internal processes and service delivery. When looking at the work done and results achieved, it is evident that we have made significant progress in building upon the strong foundations that support our operations. We have also identified areas that require further strengthening and improvement.

Below, we further unpack the various components of our performance against our iHEALTh strategy

Target achieved/exceeded
New initiative on track against current plan (no concerns)
No concerns

Target achieved/exceeded

New initiative on track against current plan (no concerns)

Improvement YOY

No concerns

Below target
Key Measured Initiatives Target IR 2021 IR 2022 Progress April 2022 to March 2023
Alternative revenue R76m R64.6m R69.97m
R80m - Reason: Cellular therapy procedures/STEM Cells
#Translational Research Office 11 19 20 14
RAD Academy Successful launch Upgraded digital learning platform
Blood transfusion science included in tertiary curriculum
Progress with Senior Leadership Immersive programme and management programmes with Wits
Further awareness created with internal employees to promote learning and development opportunities
Drone Project Project plan 4 drones secured Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved SANBS’ licence to deploy drones
Currently not live due to delays in CAA approvals. CA approval has been granted for one route only
BECS Implementation Project plan Project delays Key milestones are closely monitored
Implementation delays
Refer to material matter 4 BECS implementation delays which includes delays caused on other projects so as to allow focus on the completion of BECS
SARS-CoV-2 sero-prevalence study Complete study Sero-surveillance study to estimate the prevalence of antibodies to SARS-COV-2 Wrote pre-print paper for sero-prevalence; completed testing and analysis and longitudinal testing for frequent repeat donors
Study complete and being submitted to peer reviewed journal
Smart fridges Project plan First Smart fridge received Pilot study underway
First smart fridge operationalised
Key Measured Initiatives Target IR 2021 IR 2022 Progress April 2022 to March 2023

% Deferrals from all donations
<15.0% 10.5 % 10.15% 11.1%
#Ferritin testing–- Roll out in Zones (#IronStrong) Reduce iron deficiency amongst donors 2 Developed and implemented ferritin testing algorithms
Iron management programme implemented for donors with low ferritin
No. of source plasma collections >=64 000 40 348
74.6% of target
39 130
72.6% of target

40 524
63% of target
Process of converting group A & AB donors is ongoing to increase Source Plasma collections. This is a long-term project

Days’ cover (Group O Blood)
5 4.6 4.1
Refer to material matter 3. Increase in demand for blood/Inability to meet blood demand

#Of units of Apheresis platelets collected
>=20 000 18 148 19 627
21 121
A strategic project is in place to increase numbers with additional donor centres opened

% First time donors aged 16 – 30 years
>50% 58% 69%
Consistent Y-o-Y growth, primarily attributed to increased accessibility to schools post the pandemic

Black donors as a percent of total donors
>=37% 45% 39% 46.7.%
Social media engagement 95% of target value 51% 26%
Although numerous posts based on campaigns, engagement levels across all platforms were low

Whole blood collection (Group O)
>=498 352 422 900 457 523
484 515
Collections for Q4 were 98,13% of target. Did not meet target but collections increased by 26 867 (5,87%) compared to 2021/2022 and 4.18% compared to 2019/2020
Innovative ways to collect blood Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Various campaigns implemented, however digital donor experience has been delayed with delayed implementation of BECS
Key Measured Initiatives Target IR 2021 IR 2022 Progress April 2022 to March 2023
Modernise ERP/SAP systems Implement a solution: intuitive, agile, scalable, mobile-ready, to improve operational excellence Evaluation complete Some delays experienced
Project on hold due to focus on BECS implementation

Product Compliance to the Standards (Ensuring that patients receive products of the highest quality)
>=95% 97% 99.35% 100%

% Red cells issues vs red cells ordered
>99% 99.42% 98.8% 99.4%

Wastage – % of blood discarded
<=5.6% 3.11% 3.2% 3.86%