SANBS @ a Glance

Your gift of life!

Thanks to the dedicated support of our donors, patients receive red blood cells, plasma or platelets: the gift of life.

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"#GoodHood Campaign"

The work we do as the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is vitally important.

Watch our ‘#GoodHood’ campaign video here.

Innovation Is at the Heart of What We Do

It allows us to continuously renew the organisation and to take advantage of new opportunities.

With the help of technology it is becoming easier to customise the experience of each donor.

Innovations such as smart fridges and eventually drone technology will create the ability to store and transport blood safely and efficiently, especially in rural areas.

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Quality Healthcare

We are proud of our track record of delivery of quality, affordable healthcare to millions of people each year.

As a customer centric organisation, we care about the lives of those in need of blood products – from a new mother at childbirth or the little girl who has been in an accident, to the old man with anaemia or a burn victim in ICU. Watch Video here.

Your blood saves lives

Blood is a precious resource that anyone can give to someone in need. With each donation of blood, our donors can save three lives. Watch this inspiring video.


We are actively working on attracting younger and especially black donors to widen our active blood donor pool.

Through our donor centres across the country, we collect about 3 300 units of blood from South Africans every day. One of our goals is to increase the pool of active blood donors (currently <1% of the total population). In order to do this, it is important for us to dispel the myths about donating blood.

Promoting Health

New wellness programme promoting people’s /donor’s health. Watch this short video for more information.


As an organisation we focus on what matters most: SAVING LIVES. We are well prepared for the future and the donors, recipients, employees, companies and communities who support our cause have every reason to place their confidence in us. Millions of lives have been saved by blood donors in their generous donation of xxx (FY22: 16.5 million) units of blood over the last 22 years. Read about our recipient stories.

Our Stakeholders are a Priority

Our stakeholders help ensure the sustainability of our organisation which is why we prioritise them in our strategic intent and execution. Read more on our Stakeholders.

First time blood donors

The donor pool increased by 14% (FY22: 13%), a gain of 68 226 donors year-on-year.

There was a significant 39 665 gain in young donors, aged 16 to 25 years, impacting favourably on the sustainability of the donor pool.

The further positive impact on sustainability and potentially donor health was the additional 29 567 (increase of 28.7%) collections from new donors in FY23 # of black donors in the donor panel – 4.1 % of the donor base in 2005 to 46% of donor base in 2021, 39% in 2022 and 46.7% in 2023.

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World-Class Products

Our blood transfusion and blood products are world-class.

We invest heavily in research and training to retain our standing as one of the world’s leading blood transfusion service.

We maintain the highest level of standards to ensure that we are measuring and monitoring the most appropriate processes that informs the safety of the blood supply.

100% ISO 15189 accreditation of our laboratories and Donor Centres and we will seek this ISO 9001 accreditation for our Support Services as well.

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Contributing to SDG’s

SANBS is committed to supporting the following sustainable development goals (SDGs) through execution of our strategic priorities.