Our Intellectual Capital

SANBS is an organisation with exceptionally strong intellectual capital, and also recognised as a centre of excellence.

What intellectual capital means to SANBS

At SANBS, Intellectual Capital encompasses the expertise and knowledge within our organisation. It serves as a key driver enabling us to carry out our mission and achieve sustainable growth.

Our employees

SANBS has a talented, skilled and trained workforce of 2 776 people (FY22:2 612). We employ a range of skills including health care specialists such as doctors, nurses, technologists, technicians, phlebotomists, scientists, and all the various supporting roles in the health care sector. Important too, are supply chain experts in our logistics space and IT specialists, accountants, and business professionals, etc.


Experienced Board

Our Board comprises of twelve individuals with with a diverse skills base and experience in governance roles. See details of our Board.

Experienced Exco

We have an experienced Executive Team who have a combined 127 years tenure at SANBS. New skills brought on board allow fresh thinking and challenge. See our Executive Committee.


Quality is a crucial part of SANBS and is fundamental to us being a trusted provider of blood and blood services to the citizens of South Africa. Quality processes ensure we are able to track our activities and manage them optimally, from the screening process of blood donors to the transfusion of blood products to patients.

The quality teams are integrated into the operational areas and are approached as advisory experts.

Optimal quality of SANBS is achieved through

  • An entrenched quality culture
  • International standards accreditation
  • Quality improvements through quality failure logging
  • Reducing wastage and adverse effects
  • Improving service quality with insight from our stakeholder experience
  • Employees log improvement opportunities to allow a proactive response
Product Compliance to the Standards

Most notable are:

  • Blood safety index – we strive to achieve a target of >= 95% and have consistently done so since inception in 2020
  • Accreditation – Our annual external SANAS assessment to maintain our accreditation status has enjoyed a 100% result for 7 years
  • ISO 9001 standards – in FY23 we conducted baseline audits for our support areas and have completed gap analyses – we intend to be fully compliant with ISO 9001 standards

Acknowledgement as a centre of excellence

Acknowledgement of SANBS as a centre of excellence is rapidly being confirmed by national and international peers and stakeholders through ever-increasing invitations to participate, present or lead national and international meetings, publications and working groups.

Over the past year, we have successfully continued our strategy of expanding research and publication capacity among a growing proportion of SANBS employees and divisions, with 14 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals A number of these were authored/co-authored by first-time authors from the SANBS team.

Research, Advisory and Development

The journey to transform SANBS by embracing change and empowering our people to deliver outstanding results was the main reason we created the SANBS RAD Academy, with great pride in 2021.

The vision of the RAD Academy is to “future-proof SANBS, its people, products and processes” in support of the SANBS iHEALTh strategy.

The Academy started with the organisation recalibrating its approach to transforming learning and innovation. Oversight of the RAD academy is by the Clinical Governance Committee.

Our achievements to date

The Academy has four strategic goals with clearly aligned outputs for each goal.

We are progressing well with the initiatives relating to each of these goals as demonstrated in the tables that follow. All outputs in green have been achieved/done; those in black are in progress and on track; the one output in amber is behind regarding new users. One output shown in red will be resolved as part of the HR structure planning when a dedicated instructional design team is established.

Goals Implement a business aligned structure Expand knowledge production Structured knowledge dissemination Create a renewal and proactive learning environment
What this means for SANBS Governance, human resources and infrastructure developed to support successful implementation and execution of the Academy strategy Knowledge translated into improvements in transfusion medicine practices and blood service quality Technical assistance that enables policy framework development, institutional and infrastructure design required to run an effective blood service A motivated workforce with appropriate mix of scientific people and business skills to successfully execute the SANBS mandate of saving lives
  • Aligned operational & governance structure
  • Operating space & laboratory infrastructure plan
  • ICT & digital infrastructure plan
  • Purpose: improve data integrity
  • Research agenda established
  • Research publication produced
  • Post-Grad training program established
  • External research funding secured
  • Foundations laid
  • New practices/products/ technologies developed/adopted/implemented
  • Blood transfusion science included in tertiary curricula
  • Expand, standardise and accredit training programs
  • Effective knowledge dissemination platforms
  • Capacity building partnerships with formal collaborations established
  • Embed and position the learning and skills development process for critical skills development and maximum return for business
  • Design Structured and blended leadership development initiatives for all levels
  • Develop a clearly defined Learning Strategy
  • Content Libraries (Internal and External)
  • Develop digital learning strategies
  • Grow our own talent programmes