Committees of The Board


Committees of the Board - Principle 8 Applied

The Board ensures that its arrangements for delegation within its own structures promote independent judgement and assists with the balance of power and the effective discharge of duties.

Board Committee Focus 2023 and Outlook for the Year Ahead 2024

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee

Declaration: The committee has executed its responsibilities in accordance with an approved mandate.

CHAIRPERSON - Phindile Mthethwa
Committee purpose and how it contributes to value creation

The overarching role of the Committee is to assist the Board in ensuring that:

  • A competent executive management team is in place with reference to appointment, competency, remuneration, performance management and executive succession planning
  • A Remuneration policy for all employees is in place to assist in achieving the Company’s strategy
  • Remuneration of non-executive directors is fair and responsible
Members of the committee during the period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
  • Phindile Mthethwa (Chairperson)
  • Ansie Ramalho
  • Shauket Fakie
  • Gary Leong
Key focus areas and value-creating activities for the period under review
  • Human capital management – received and considered quarterly reports on Employee Relations, Human Resources Operations, Organisational Development, Employee Wellness and Transformation, Compensation and Benefits, Learning and Development (SANBS RAD Academy), Strategy Level Risk Register and Treatment Actions, Key Tactical Level Risks currently managed by HCM, 360° Leadership Assessments, ongoing Culture DNA Programme, Labour Court and CCMA cases, salary and wage negotiations
  • Reviewed the Executive Management Structure
  • Reviewed the CEO’s performance and made recommendations to the Board
  • Reviewed succession plans for executive managers and business imperative vacancies and monitored the strengthening of the leadership depth and talent management
  • Received for consideration the Non-Executive Director benchmarking report undertaken by PwC and recommended Non-Executive Directors’ remuneration to the Board for approval at the National Council meeting
  • Considered the report from 21st Century for SANBS Staff remuneration benchmarking
  • Opined on the payment of discretionary bonuses taking into consideration the financial sustainability of the Company as well as achievement of performance criteria
  • Review and recommended the Discretionary Bonus Policy for approval to the Board
  • Opined on alternative rewards structures and retention mechanisms as part of an enhanced rewards strategy for high performing employees and scarce and critical skills
  • Monitored the Talent Acquisition plan for Senior Managerial positions
  • Ensured the continued drive of the performance culture to enable strategy execution
  • Close monitoring of labour related matters
  • Monitoring the implementation of transformation initiatives including the Code of Good Practice on the elimination and prevention of harassment at the workplace
Future focus areas 2024
  • Continued oversight on alternative rewards structures and retention mechanisms as part of an enhanced rewards strategy for high performing employees and scarce and critical skills
  • Review of performance measurement criteria for executive management and other employees, salary and wage negotiations
  • Oversight of succession planning for Executive management and senior leadership
  • Monitoring of Talent Acquisition plan for Senior Managerial positions
  • Review pay equity (equal pay for equal work) and internal pay mix