Our Manufactured Capital

It is imperative for SANBS to have the necessary means, including robust infrastructure and well-established internal processes and procedures, to ensure the equitable availability of blood and blood products to individuals regardless of their location.

What manufactured capital means to SANBS

Our manufactured capital includes our business structures and processes, including physical assets, infrastructure (corporate offices and sites), products and services. Through these, we are able to provide a personalised, safe and efficient experience to advance our purpose of being trusted to save lives; ensuring our long-term sustainability.

As an organisation, we provide trusted blood products and services, and these need to be available to all patients in good time, of a world class quality and cost. We also have to be able to meet growing expectations and demands.

We extend coverage to all through:

  • Collecting blood at key population concentration points
  • Services available in traditional and new areas
  • Curbing blood shortages in previously under serviced areas
  • Initiatives including use of:
    • mobile units in collections
    • smart fridges
    • drones

Coverage index

The intent is to ensure coverage on an equitable basis to the entire geographical location that we serve, both urban and rural areas. Additionally we want to ensure equitable coverage to both the public and private sector.

  • Total SA Coverage (issues per 1000 pop.)
  • SA Public Sector Coverage
  • SA Private Sector Coverage
  • % Blood Availability to hospitals performing caesarean sections

Testing Laboratories: Constantia Kloof, Mount Edgecombe

Blood Banks

Donation Centres

Processing Centres

Mobile Donor Vehicles (58 beds)

Mount Edgecombe

We are particularly proud of Mount Edgecombe which was opened during our FY21. Here we implemented the “Journey of Blood” experience where donors and external stakeholders can visit Mount Edgecombe and be educated on the journey of blood with access to view the laboratories via viewing decks and access information on the processes via electronic interactive screens.

Back to basics and strengthening our foundation

During FY23, guided by our overall iHEALTh strategy, we identified a number of strategic projects to further strengthen our internal processes and service delivery. When looking at the work done and results achieved, it is evident that we have made significant progress in building upon the strong foundations that support our operations. We have also identified areas that require further strengthening and improvement.

Throughout the year, we have engaged in deep reflection and introspection, allowing us to gain valuable insights into our processes and procedures. This introspective approach has revealed opportunities to simplify our operations, enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, increase productivity, and foster improved collaboration across teams. By addressing these areas, we can solidify a sustainable business for the future, ensuring long-term value for SANBS and all its stakeholders.